Insight Article posted on December 16th, 2021 3:00:02 PM by Jonathan Wu

This innovative new service provides the opportunity for investors who don’t have a financial adviser. How so you ask? This is an avenue to have exposure to a range of robust, tried and tested diversified portfolios that meet their individual needs. We at the SWU Group believe that everyone is different, whether it be return targets, risk tolerance and objectives which meant that instead of creating a one size fits all solution, we built 4 of them:

  • Balanced Beam – for those seeking a more balanced approach by investing in a range of growth assets while minimising absolute volatility compared to a 100% growth portfolio (and therefore giving up some upside).
  • Growth Engines – for those seeking higher returns but willing to accept a few more bumps along the way.
  • Asian Allstars – for those seeking to benefit from the rising Asian Middle Class investment story by investing in a range of equities and fixed income opportunities to capture this growth. Growth in this portfolio is commensurate to potential returns.
  • Income Booster – for those seeking to generate a regular consistent income stream that’s higher than term deposits investing in a range of income streams from different asset classes. There is still volatility and risk of capital in this portfolio but generally less so than the other 3 portfolios.