What is SWU Online Invest and what are our goals?

SWU Online Invest was created as an expansion of the SWU Group to provide a wider reach of financial opportunities to those who are interested in starting their investing journey. With sound financial experience we aim to provide strong growth and to be a trusted partner in maximizing and safeguarding your wealth. We believe in the power of informed decisions, strategic planning, and a dynamic approach to investment, ensuring that your financial goals not only meet but exceed your expectations.


How does SWU Online Invest work?

By providing a range of four different portfolios, Asia Allstars, Balance Beam, Growth Engines and Income Booster, the team hopes to match the financial objectives of variety investors. 

Investing in portfolios involves assembling a diversified collection of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, with the goal of achieving a balance between risk and return to meet each of the portfolio’s target.

For more information on the portfolios, please read our Target Market Determination.

What experience does the team have in investing?

Both Simon Wu and Jonathan Wu have been pillars of the Asian and greater financial community. Operating the SWU Group a multi-functional financial entity they provide varying services ranging from accounting, financial advice, credit advisory and estate planning. 

Additionally, Paul Harding-Davis, who’s experience spans over 40 years in the broader financial services industry, also provide another experienced perspective in the investment process. 

With a seasoned expertise spanning multiple decades, the team is constantly honing their knowledge with the fast pace of financial markets, navigating complex investment landscapes to optimize the portfolios. 

Who is SWU Online Invest for?

SWU Online Invest provides a forward-thinking investment platform dedicated to empowering a new generation of investors. We recognize the evolving topography of financial markets and the unique needs of younger individuals seeking to build wealth and financial independence in a different manner than prior generations. The portfolios provide an accessible option for these investors.

If there are any other questions that you would like to discuss feel free to contact us.